Node.js Secure Coding: Prevention and Exploitation of Path Traversal Vulnerabilities


Designed for JavaScript software developers building Node.js applications and security professionals interested in path traversal security vulnerabilities, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic. It also demonstrates its impact and concerns on web application security.

Through insecure coding practices found in vulnerable open-source npm packages, this book examines the security aspects affecting JavaScript and Node.js applications.

By completing this book, you gain:

  • A high level of security expertise on path traversal vulnerabilities.

  • An expert-level understanding of application security jargon and conventions associated with path traversal security vulnerabilities.

  • Insights into real-world software libraries on the npm registry found vulnerable and how vulnerabilities were fixed.

  • A security-first mindset to recognize insecure code patterns in Node.js server-side code.

  • Knowledge of secure coding best practices to avoid path traversal security vulnerabilities.

  • Proficiency in performing secure code reviews in the scope of path traversal security vulnerabilities.

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