Node.js Secure Coding: Mitigate and Weaponize Code Injection Vulnerabilities


This book caters to JavaScript software developers creating Node.js applications and security professionals keen on learning how to mitigate code injection vulnerabilities. It provides an in-depth understanding of exploiting code injection vulnerabilities, showcasing the impact and concerns these vulnerabilities pose for server-side JavaScript applications. With a comprehensive approach, the book equips developers and security professionals with valuable insights, enabling them to effectively identify, understand, and address these critical vulnerabilities.

This book examines insecure coding practices present in vulnerable open-source npm packages. It explores the security implications of insecure code patterns and demonstrates how attackers exploit these vulnerabilities.

By completing this book, you gain:

  • A high level of security expertise on path traversal vulnerabilities.

  • An expert-level understanding of application security jargon and conventions associated with path traversal security vulnerabilities.

  • Insights into real-world software libraries on the npm registry found vulnerable and how vulnerabilities were fixed.

  • A security-first mindset to recognize insecure Node.js and server-side JavaScript code patterns.

  • Knowledge of secure coding best practices to avoid path traversal security vulnerabilities.

  • Proficiency in performing secure code reviews in the scope of path traversal security vulnerabilities.

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