Node.js Secure Coding: Defending Against Command Injection Vulnerabilities (Dark Mode Special Edition)


September 2023 Dark Mode Special Edition 🌑🦄

Don't settle for generic security guides, experience them. Learn secure coding conventions in Node.js by executing command injection attacks on real-world NPM packages and analyzing vulnerable code.

This book takes an innovative approach to teaching secure coding, using real-world CVE vulnerabilities in popular open-source npm packages. Through hands-on exercises and code review, you'll learn how to avoid common security pitfalls and adopt a security-first mindset.

By completing this book, you'll gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of command injection vulnerabilities and their impact on web application security.

  • The ability to recognize patterns of insecure code and apply secure coding best practices.

  • Expertise in practicing secure coding conventions in day to day JavaScript and Node.js development.

  • Proficiency in performing secure code reviews as they apply to the scope of command injection security vulnerabilities.

  • Knowledge of application security jargon and conventions associated with security vulnerabilities management and severity classification.

Designed for software developers and security professionals interested in command injection, this book provides a practical and in-depth guide to secure coding practices. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your application security skills and prevent command injection vulnerabilities in your JavaScript code and Node.js applications.

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